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Thank you for visiting our website. Whether you are new entrepreneur or a seasoned veteran, we offer tools and training services that will assist you in taking your business to the next level.

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We understand how overwhelming marketing over the Internet can be even when you already have an established business. Transitioning from traditional marketing offline to begin creating an online presence can raise a number of new questions and concerns. There are tons of extraordinary ways to advertise using the Internet and remain within the parameters of your marketing budget. 

The novice marketer will often rely on expensive pay-per-click advertising campaigns and will launch their business on large search engines. To successfully take advantage of that marketing tool requires extensive ongoing training or a huge budget to pay a professional to create and daily manage your campaign for you.

The criteria for search engines is modified often. This leaves new advertisers with the task of constantly re-educating themselves on ONLY ONE specific tool rather than focusing on a diversified Internet campaign strategy. The response can be favorable, but usually at the expense of consuming time to manage other important day-to-day operations.   

The newbie marketer is also not oriented on how to format the website's layout and properties to receive a higher ranking on organic search engine listings, on the major search engines, that list your site FOR FREE!

Online business owners often neglect the many great avenues that are available offline for promotion in their own communities. 

  • We teach entrepreneurs how to articulate the need for their services
  • Find speaking venues in local communities who welcome new businesses 
  • Locate online speaking platforms to highlight your products and services 

Our primary focus is on familiarizing you with cutting edge marketing resources to help you determine which promotional strategies work best for your type of business.

We provide planning and development assistance for new entrepreneurs to assist with:

  • Website Analysis: Spying on local competitors to improve your web marketing.
  • Joining profitable affiliate programs with major reputable merchandise companies.
  • Low cost traditional online business tools that teach REAL profit earning skills.

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Yes, we are LIMA Certified to provide online marketing services by the Local Internet Marketing Association!